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Spirits with less than 0.5 per cent ABV are legally called alcohol free. The alcohol is distilled away by vacuum distillation at low temperatures. Non-alcoholic beers are lager beers (recently, also wheat beers) with full carbohydrate content. (Alcohol levels: Clausthaler 0.35 per cent ABV, Holsten 0.0 per cent ABV). Even non-alcoholic wines, sparkling wines as well as fruit and herbal liqueurs with less then 0.2 per cent ABV residual alcohol content are in trade. For wines, the energy content is with 14 to 30 kcal/100 ml only 30 per cent of normal alcoholic wines. In the sparkling production the second fermentation is waived and instead of carbon dioxide added.

Even food may contain alcohol without any declaration. This is particularly true for fermentation products (wine vinegar, pickled cabbage, etc.) but also for bakery products such as black bread.

Taking into account the relatively small amounts of alcohol the resulting blood alcohol concentration according to the Widmark formula reaches only from 0.1 to 0.2 mg/dL BAC. The consumption of such low quantities by food is also for "dry" alcoholics without any problems, while the consumption of non-alcoholic "spirits" should be done with caution, since a relapse of alcoholism could be triggered also by the memory of the taste of alcohol.

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