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Alcopops are alcohlic beverages, so-called "Hyperdrinks", carbonated and often sweet lemonades containg alcohol, sold in a poppic opening. They are consumed preferentially by young people in particulary of female gender at the age up to 16 years. The alcohol content is between 4 to 5.5 percent by volume resulting by addition of vodka, rum, gin, tequilla or other spirits. First trade names, e.g. Hooper's Hooch, Beetlejuice, Fiji (the latter contains additionally Kava Kava excerpt). Also pudding with vodka limette additive ("Jello Shot") was available.

Because the alcoholic taste is covered by sweet components, the danger of these beverages consists in the regular consumption by young people, who are accustomed thereby at alcohol. The strongly increasing consumption of the Alcopops already led in Switzerland to first drafts of legislative measures. In Germany the Federal Government introduced in August 2004 a penalty tax on alcoholic sweet beverages (AlkopopStG), similarly to the French model, where since 1997 such a tax is to be paid. The high prices for these beverages led to a drastic decrease of the consumption in the last years. Additionally the sales was forbidden to young people under 18 years (so far 16 years). Nevertheless Alcopops are often transferred by the trade to young people. Since 2004, in Great-Britain as well as other european countries, alcopops have fallen out of fashion with younger drinkers, who are turning to trendy cocktails instead.

Newest trick for the evasion of the Alkopop tax is the sale in the form of powders, which reach an alcohol content of approx. 4.9 Vol% after dissolution in water. At present, four different tastes are available.

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