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Aquavit is a clear or pale yellow alcoholic beverage of slightly above 40 percent by volume alcohol produced mainly in the Scandinavian countries, in particular Denmark. It is manufactured from fermented grain or potatoe mash and redistilled in the presence of different flavourings like cumin seed, often under additive of other herbs and spices like dill or fennel. It is usually bottled without ageing but, however, the quality is increased by storage in sherry barrels, whereby from the wood contents materials are extracted, which appear as congeners in the spirit. The name aquavit comes from lat. "aqua vitae" (water of life). It should be consumed straight and chilled.

Congeners: Methanol 4 to 73 mg/l (exception: Line Aquavit from Norway: 650 mg/L), some marks traces of higher alcohols (exception line Aquavit 1-Propanol 105 mg/L).

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