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Abbreviation for blood alcohol concentration. In the venous blood contained alcohol quantity measured either as a percentage by mass, by mass per volume, or a combination. Common unit in Britain is mg/dL (mg per 100 ml), in other european countries mg/g, also known as permille (‰)

The forensic measurement is done in (the more homogeneous) serum by a combination of gas chromatography and the enzymatic adh procedure (for clinical purposes only adh procedure) and is converted to blood content (Devisor: 1.2 correspnding to the relationship of the water contents serum 91 % to whole blood (minimum) 76 %. With volume-referred analysis the density is to be considered with 1.03 g/ml.)

Because the density is close to 1, the conversion from mg/dL to mg/g takes place by an replacement of the decimal point: p.e., 50 mg/dL is equivalent to 0.5 mg/g.

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