Bacardi Rum
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Bacardi is a special white rum of herb-dry taste, produced in Martinique or Puerto Rico, known as Bacardi Carta Blanca (37.5 percent by volume), which is used in particular for cocktails and longdrinks.

Since 1988 also dark rum variants are offered: Barcardi Black Rum, which is stored 4 years in oak barrels, Bacardi 8 años, 8 years stored.

As high-per cent rum from Puerto Rico "Bacardi 151" with 151o resp. 75.7 percent by volume is offered, aromatized with apricot, tropical fruits, walnut and vanilla.

Following the trend to finished mixed beverages in 1994 Bacardi Breezer (alcopop), in 2005 Barcadi Razz (flavored with raspberry, 32 percent by volume), and in 2006 Barcadi corto (20 percent by volume, filled up in 2 cl drink glasses) in the variants hot (chilli and vanilla) and cool (limone/mint) as well as Bacardi Daiquiri (20 Vol%, with fruit juice strawberry or orange mixed) come into trade.


The Destillerie Barcadi was created in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba from Don Facando Bacardi. After the Cuban revolution the the enterprise was shifted in 1960 into the USA, now in Bermuda. The original prescription, which is not identical to the today's white rum, was exported by Cuba under the trade mark "Havana Club".

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