Bourbon Whiskey
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Bourbon whiskey is the prefered whiskey type from the United States (80 o US-Proof, 40 per cent by volume) with a strong and intense flavor, being burned from corn and rye. Trademarks: Jack Daniel's , Jim Beam , Seagram's .

The fermentation is carried out either by the sour-mash method using yeast residues from previous approaches, or by the sweet-mash method, where the fresh yeast is used. Afterward, the distillation is done in the continues Patent Still process.

Bourbon whiskey has a very high content of congeners which gives its characteristic taste, due to his long storage in barrels from American white oak, which are used only once. In the last 40 years, approximately 300 different chemical ingredients were detected, from which according to recent findings of the Technical University of Munich about 45 components are responsible for the flavor profile (original citation)

The white oak barrels are gently heated during their production, whereby a portion of the wood is sugaring and caramelising. Subsequently, a short time flaming follows, resulting in a thin layer of activated carbon on the surface.

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