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French: Cidre. Alcoholic beverage made from the fermented apple juice. In the United States, cider refers to non-alcoholic apple juice. The fermentes juice is there called hard cider.

The apple juice under yeast addition is slowly fermented within approximately 3 months, at the beginning at 18 oC, later at about 10 oC. Due to the slow fermentation carbon dioxide remains dissolved in the cider and provides for the typical mousse. After detaching the yeast there is a maturing period of several months. The alcohol content is usually 2 per cent by volume (sweet varieties of cider doux), resp. 4 per cent by volume (bitter varieties of cider brut).

In Germany, especially in Hesse and Saarland, exists the so-called "Apfelwein", with 5.5 to 7 per cent by volume alcohol. It have a tart, sour taste.

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