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ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH
 M 46,07 g/mol
GHS-symbol inflammableGHS-symbol: toxic


Ethanol, often referred to simply as alcohol, is clear, colorless liquid with aromatic odour and burning taste. Combustion with air-oxygen leads to carbondioxde and water. Therefore, agraric alcohol is used as motor fuel (bioethanol).

Ethanol is completly soluble with water, diethylether, chloroform, patrol, benzene in any mixture. With water, the mixture is volume contracted. Thus the density of ethanol-water mixtures are dependend from the relative ratio of both components in a non linear way.


  • by fermentation of glucose containung substrates
  • distillation of agraric alcohol to brandy and industrial alcohol.
  • synthetical by catalytic hydration of ethylene at 250 bar pressure (industrial alcohol)


  • mainly as alcoholic beverages,
  • in medicine for dermatological embrocation or cooling, for chirurgic desinfection
  • technical as solvent for fats, oils and resins, but also for perfume and cosmetics,
  • as starting material for numerous chemicals (p.e. ethylesters),
  • for conservation and disinfektion,
  • cheaply produced agraric alcohol as motor fuel.
  • as fuel in stoves

For toxicokinetics see also resorption and elimination kinetics as well as Widmark-Formula.

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