Licensing Act

The Licensing Act in the United Kingdom differs in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Licensing Act 2003

In England and Wales the Licensing Act 2003 is set out

  • in order to prevent crime and disorder,
  • for public safety,
  • for prevention of public nuisance
  • to protect children from harm.

The act is defining all kinds of alcohol related activities like retail sale of alcohol, supply of alcohol in clubs, provision of late night refreshment, and provision of regulated entertainment in one singe act. Flexible opening hours for licensed premises(for up to 24 hour opening, seven days a week) will now be possible.

The law came into effect on 06 August 2005.

Licensing Act (Scotland) 2005

In addition to the set outs of the Licence Act 2003 the Licence Act (Scotland) 2005 demands also the protecton and improving of public health.

Licensing Act (Northern Ireland) 1971

This act has been modified for the last time in 1996. A review, planed for 2004, was unsuccessful.

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