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Raki is a protected term for a Turkish brandy made from dried grapes (raisins). After the first destillation anise seeds (fruits of Pimpinella anisum) are added (80 to 100 g/l) for flavoring, followed by a second destillation.

Trade Marks: Yeni Raki (45 vol%), Altinbas Raki (50 vol%), Kulüp Raki (50 vol%)

Raki is a clear alcoholic beverage, drunken either pure or with the addition of a little water. By this addition the typical milky haze occurs by precipitated, water insoluble aniseed crystals (more precisely, anethole, 4-propenylanisole, which is included in the anise oil from 80 to 90 per cent). The taste of raki is due to the anise intense licorice like.

Raki is similar to the Greek ouzo, in contrast to raki with less alcohol (37.5 per cent by volume) and other additives. Another relative is the Tsipouro from Crete,which is based on wine pomace (see grappa) and flavored with anise or fennel.

Raki was already known in the 15th Century by Greek wine farmers, the so-called "rakizides", which were settling in Asia Minor.

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